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for medical device manufacturers and other industries.

TAYP-R Taping machine

(Limited Availability)

Automatic cohesive taping machine

The TAYP-R automatically dispenses and seals cohesive paper tape around coils of tubing and wire. It is used in the production and packaging of medical tubing sets and other products that need to be secured without leaving an adhesive residue. The TAYP-R also dispenses flat strips of cohesive tape in virtually any length. The operator pushes one side of a coil into the TAYP-R and pulls it out sealed with tape. The TAYP-R prevents repetitive hand injuries by relieving stress to fingers and wrists. The TAYP-R is equipped with an articulating top jaw which makes it easier and more versitile than ever!


  • 120/240 VAC 50/60 hz
  • 50 psi min.
  • Maximum tape roll capacity - 2,000' (609 m)
  • The Automatic TAYP-R does not make a uniform edge-to-edge seal. Alignment is subject to operator skill.