Manufacturer and supplier of tubing and wire winders and coiling machines, cohesive tape and tape machines
for medical device manufacturers and other industries.

Coiling & Winding Machines for flexible tubing and wires

Mini WinderTubing & Wire Set Coiling

For the production and packaging of tubing sets or any flexible material.

S-Y-M coiling machines will increase output by 2 - 3 times! Most machines have the unique disappearing mandrel which retracts after the tubing is coiled, enabling the operator to slide the coil into a package!

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Cohesive Tapes, Sleeves, & Bands also Heat Seal Tapes

Cohesive Tape Sleeve

Apply paper tape around a medical device or tubing without the worry of residue. Cohesive tape sticks only to itself. It is available in colors, printed, white, natural, and without latex. Manufactured for use on medical devices.

 Also available are preformed sleeves and cohesive bands. The bands have cohesive material applied to opposite ends and are rolled over the product. Other products are pre-formed paper sleeves. All are sterilizable for use in medical product applications.

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Coiling & Winding Machines

Medi WinderMedi-Winder

Medi-Winder coils tubing and wire for easy packaging. A free standing work station with turntable and retracting mandrel pins for winding and coiling flexible tubing. The Medi-Winder can handle tubing coils from 2”(50 mm) to 12”(305 mm). Automatically counts rotations and stops. Suitable for medical device manufacturing.

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Tubing Hose WinderLarge Tubing/Hose Winder

Large diameter tubing and hoses can now be coiled easily. When the turntable stops, you have all the time you need to bundle the coil, then press a button and the mandrel pulls in and the coils slides off. There are many features including adjustable mandrel, variable speed, braking, auto and manual modes.

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Pancake Winder and Fiber Optic Coiling Machines

Special equipment (Pancake winder)

Custom built winders offering more automation. For applications that require a flat coil, the Pancake Winder coils and automatically stops enabling the operator to retract the mandrel for uniform and easy operation.

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Special equipment

Attach spacers while coiling

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Other products & services

S-Y-M PRODUCTS COMPANY is the leading producer of special equipment used in the Medical Device manufacturing industry as well as other industries that coil, cut, and tape flexible tubing. We develop new equipment and bring new products to market that will enhance packaging and production.

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Cohesive Tape Machine - Limited availability Cohesive Tape Machine

The TAYP-R cohesive tape machine not only dispenses cohesive tape, it enables the operator to apply tape around the product (mostly tubing sets) then cut and seal at the same time. The TAYP-R is used in the production and assembly of medical devices.

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