Manufacturer and supplier of tubing and wire winders and coiling machines, cohesive tape and tape machines
for medical device manufacturers and other industries.

Pancake Winder and Fiber Optic Coiling Machines

Custom tubing set coilers

Pancake Winder Pancake Winder coils tubing into a flat coil without assistance
Fiber optic Winder Fiber optic coiling with spacer/clips application

Custom built winders offering more automation. For applications that require a flat coil, the Pancake Winder coils and automatically stops enabling the operator to retract the mandrel for uniform and easy operation.

A special Mini-Winder is adapted to coil tubing and attach spacers. The application is popular with fiber optic cable and some medical devices. The operator places spacer clips into the turntable before coiling. He sets one end of the tubing into the first clip and starts the machine. A roller comes down and presses the tubing into the clips while it is turning. At the end of the cycle the roller goes up and the coil is ejected.