Manufacturer and supplier of tubing and wire winders and coiling machines, cohesive tape and tape machines
for medical device manufacturers and other industries.

Sleeves & Bands

For applications that require no residue sticking to the product

For medical device manufacturers who require Latex-Free products and packages, S-Y-M Products offer pre-manufactured paper sleeves without latex! These sleeves can be sterilized and are used to place around tubing coils or bundles of medical devices. The following are some of the specifications:

  • Cohesive Bands: Paper strips with cohesive applied to the opposite end of opposite sides enabling the band to be rolled over itself. Available with custom printing

Cohesive Band

  • Performed Sleeves: Latex-free paper sleeves ready for application. Available with custom printing

Materials will not degrade under normal sterilization cycles; ETO, or radiation.