Manufacturer and supplier of tubing and wire winders and coiling machines, cohesive tape and tape machines
for medical device manufacturers and other industries.

S-Y-M Products Company

S-Y-M Products Company manufactures and distributes machinery and packaging materials for use in the production of flexible tubing sets. Established in 1991, we have become a leading supplier of cohesive tapes and cohesive bands, automatic and semi-automatic tube coiling machines and cohesive tape dispensers. We are headquartered in beautiful northwestern Connecticut with manufacturing and distribution throughout the US. S-Y-M focuses on the Medical Device Industry but also has clients in the automotive, appliance and other fields which use flexible tubing and wire sets.

S-Y-M Products Company is a Market Driven manufacturer of machinery. We specialize in providing quality equipment to the medical device industry. Some of our products overlap into other industries such as plastic extrusion as well as flexible metal tubing and the wire industry.

Special Tubing/Wire winding machines

Also available are winding machines which can be modified to meet your needs. S-Y-M Products will engineer attachments and other processes to automate winding and packaging.

Tape dispenser

S-Y-M offers the TAPE DISPENSER is now the same as the TAYP-R. The machine dispenses tape in the same manner as the TAYP-R but does not apply the tape around a bundle of tubing. It features a batch program that will produce several strips of tape without stopping.

More and more clients have come to us from other industries because we can modify our machinery to meet their needs at affordable prices. We offer custom as well as standard machinery.

S-Y-M has a few excellent representatives throughout the US and the World.


Casper Bowman (www.medicalSysforIndustry.com)
Providers of manufacturing equipment components and services to medical device manufacturers
Phone: (631) 427-2586

Alan Sorensen (whitemtnrep@gmail.com)
New England
Phone: (315) 391-2534